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Recreational Vehicle Solutions

Thermal, acoustic and vibration solutions from Aearo Technologies LLC are designed to create a premium cabin comfort system for both the driver and passengers.


Engine Compartment

TUFCOTE™ high NRC acoustic foams and composites dissipate engine noise while their aluminized polyester film facings deflect heat
away from the hood and protect the foam from dirt and grease.


Heat Management

TUFshield™ thermal barriers provide protection from high temperature environments to help protect components, systems and people from unwanted thermal intrusion.


Road Noise Treatment

Treated with TUFCOTE™ high NRC acoustic foam,
barrier or a fiber material to block and absorb noise,
as well as block heat from the engine compartment.


Walls and Roof Treatment

Open cavities are filled with foam shapes and expandable
foams to minimize airborne noise propagation and
increase R value for comfort and energy efficiency.


Wall and Floor Panels

ISODAMP™ damping materials virtually eliminate resonant structureborne vibration, preventing excessive interior noise.


Click here to download the Aearo Technologies LLC Recreational Vehicle noise, vibration and thermal solutions flyer.