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Medical Device Solutions

Aearo Technologies LLC provides noise, vibration and cushioning products that meet the stringent energy-control requirements for a variety of medical devices.

• Medical hand-held portables
• Diagnostic devices
• Bedside equipment

Aearo offers its proprietary materials in a broad range of formulations
that provide the optimum combinations of physical and performance
properties for virtually any application.


ISODAMP™ Structureborne Damping Solutions

Constrain structureborne vibrations with frequency specific damping solutions.

• Damping tuned for application temperature and performance
• Broad frequencies spectrum capability
• Ideal for weight-sensitive applications needing high energy loss


ISOLOSS™ Vibration Control Custom Molded Isolators

Control device energy to protect sensitive components with custom engineered parts and materials.

• Low amplification at resonance
• Shock protection for sensitive mechanisms
• Quick return to equilibrium after vibration or shock input


CONFOR™ Cushioning Foam and ISOLOSS LS Gasking Foams

CONFOR foam is a slow-recovery, temperature sensitive foam for use in applications requiring uniform pressure distribution or shock absorption. ISOLOSS LS foams provide excellent shock control and are durable enough for gasketing applications.

• High energy absorption properties
• Low compression set
• Firm, yet fluid support


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