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Marine Solutions

Aearo offers a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions to control structural vibration, engine noise and even wave slap, plus thermal barriers for hot-running components.


Structureborne Damping to Control Vibrational Energy

Boatbuilders face challenging design problems when working to control structureborne vibration. Our high-performing extensional and constrained layer damping materials are available to control both hydrodynamic and mechanically induced structural vibrations that transfer into the hull structure from the engine room or wave slap.


Airborne Noise Radiating from Mechanical Equipment

Airborne noise is radiated directly from the engines and impacts the surfaces within the engine room and passenger compartments. Foam barrier composites are especially suited for blocking engine room noise from being transmitted to adjacent passenger areas, and faced foam and fiber materials help absorb the noise inside the engine compartment.


Thermal Barriers to Protect Components

Engine compartments and exhaust systems generate a tremendous amount of heat that can potentially damage surrounding components or transfer into passenger areas. Thermal barriers block and absorb heat from escaping into non-controlled areas, helping protect electronic materials and people from high heat sources.


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