Electronics & Precision Equipment

Yesterday's solutions won't work for tomorrow's electronics.

So what do we love most about electronics? That they are always changing. Advancing. Offering new challenges and problems for us to solve. New ways to make your products quieter, faster and more reliable. A chance to design engineered solutions rather than standardized products.

As a complete noise, shock and vibrations solutions provider to the electronics industry, E-A-R will remain engaged with your company through all phases of product development and manufacturing - from initial concepts to sustaining mass production.

In short, we combine thorough, well designed solutions with a culture of speed to meet the accelerated timelines and specific needs of the electronics market

  • Get fully integrated solutions.
  • Analysis capabilities include state-of-the-art testing centers and FEA by engineers with strong acoustic, vibration and shock background.
  • Custom-designed, engineered solutions optimize performance and assembly.
  • We combine extensive analytical and experimental analysis capabilities with a long history of practical experience.
  • Extensive global presence provides onsite support around the world and global project coordination between OEMs, ODMs and manufacturing facilities.