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Electric Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Electric commercial vehicles are designed for the long haul - but heating and cooling demands can be a major source of battery drain, effectively shortening vehicle driving range. When the cab interior temperature is stable, more energy can be used where it's needed most: for transportation.

A System Approach

Aearo Technologies LLC utilizes an Engineered System Approach to create purposefully designed acoustic and thermal packages to treat the entire commercial vehicle. Our optimized solution treats the truck as a single system instead of treating each sub-system individually. Treatment design begins with detailed testing of your system to establish a baseline and then to develop an improved solution to give you a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Treatment Packages

In order to meet your specific system requirements, Aearo Technologies utilizes a variety of tools. Treatments can include a variety of products to meet your goals.


TUFCOTE Acoustic Foams

Absorbing foams are widely used to reduce noise levels within the engine compartment and cabin areas of the truck.

Typical Application Areas

  • Cabin Interior
  • Engine Compartment
  • Floormat Decoupler

Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation

3M™ Thinsulate™ TK Insulation is a high performance, low density material whose acoustic and thermal properties make it ideal for the cab walls and floor.

Typical Application Areas

  • Cabin Interior
  • 3D Molded Frontwall/Tunnel
  • 3D Molded Engine Compartment

ISODAMP Structural Damping

ISODAMP™ damping materials offer practical, effective
solutions for impact noise and structureborne noise.

Typical Application Areas

  • Door Panels
  • Floor
  •  Back wall, Side walls, Front wall, Roof, and Tunnel


Display and Sensor Protection

CONFOR™ SC foam can be used as a shock pad or gasket
to help protect LCD and LED screens. ISODAMP™ molding
elastomers are used as a component isolator to help
reduce errors and buzzes, squeaks, and rattles (BSR)
throughout the cabin.

Typical Application Areas

  • Sensors
  • Mirrors
  • Infotainment System