Commercial Vehicles

We design system solutions, not products

But before we can design a solution, we have to diagnose the problem. And that's where the fun begins. Because identifying the problem at its most base level enables us to come up with THE solution. The one that validation has proven to be the optimal, most economical solution for you and your set of circumstances.

Finally, we do everything we can to prove the solution wrong. That way, you know everything we offer you is right. Simply put, we find the problem, we fix it and we validate it - using some of the most sophisticated analysis and test equipment in the world.

  • Our Acoustic Technology Center is one of only two in the United States capable of handling full Class 8 vehicle tests
  • Thermal and Acoustic system testing support rapid platform development and modification
  • Full vehicle or component sound mapping testing help us precisely pinpoint the source of noise and thermal activity
  • We perform specialized sub-system and component level testing to verify behavior
  • Our testing is complemented with our CAE packages of looking at modes of vibration or acoustic energy transfer between subsections
  • In-house labs for materials development and analysis support system design
  • We offer a complete system package/approach
    • System and component design engineering
    • Interior and pass-by noise and no-idle regulations
    • Passive insulation designed and verified to pass no-idle regulations