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Smartphone and Tablet Application


Camera Module

  • CONFOR CF-42SC foam or elastomer gasket
  • Prevents light leakage
  • Flat force deflection curve helps stabilize camera

Logic Board

  • CONFOR CF-42SC foam or elastomer isolators
  • Elastomer bumpers help prevent PCB flex
  • Foam isolators placed on top of connectors help prevent pop-off during impact
  • Custom molded or die cut parts for a varying IC profiles

LCD Protection

  • CONFOR CF-42SC or elastomer gasket
  • Protects the digitizer glass and LCD from shock and vibration
  • Greatly improves LCD life and reduces glass breakage
  • Waterproof (elastomer)

Battery Cover

  • CONFOR CF-42SC or elastomer isolator
  • Integrated into the cover (or stand alone)
  • Protects the battery from drops and bumps
  • Stiffens up the cover with additional support

Headphone Jack

  • Elastomer boot cover
  • Helps damp surrounding noise
  • Protects module from drops and bumps
  • Improves sound quality

Microphone Isolation

  • Elastomer mic booth cover
  • Isolates the mic from surrounding noise and vibrations
  • Helps improve sound quality and clarity
  • Helps protect the mic module from damage in the event of a drop

Aftermarket Case

  • Elastomer bumpers
  • Greatly enhances drop shock survivability
  • Enables very thin bumper designs
  • Reduces bumper thickness while enhancing performance