E-A-R Electronic Products Now Available through Digi-Key

Aearo Technologies LLC, a leading manufacturer of noise, shock, and vibration control materials is now offering select Electronics Market products through online distributor Digi-Key Electronics.

This expansion into one of the largest online distributors of electronic components gives both design engineers and electronics hobbyists greater access to a large assortment of E-A-R™ materials, such as CONFOR™ electronic grade and small cell foams and ISODAMP™ thermoplastics, which are used by major electronics manufacturers across the globe. These materials reduce the effects of unwanted noise, shock, and vibration in applications such as smartphones, laptops, drones, data centers, headphones, and more.

Currently, Aearo Technologies is offering 275 "standard" parts through Digi-Key Electronics, which includes anti-vibration grommets, fan mounts, and shock absorbing foam sheets. This product list is expected to grow through 2017 to include new materials and new standardized applications.

About Digi-Key Electronics.  Since its founding in 1972, Digi-Key has been committed to offering the broadest selection of in-stock electronic components, as well as providing the best service possible to its customers, aiding engineers through the entire design process, from Prototype to Production®. This has led the company to be highly ranked year after year in industry surveys, in North America as well as Europe and Asia, in categories covering such facets of business as availability of product, speed of service, responsiveness to problems, and more.


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